Keratosis pilaris

The presence of "granites" on the arms is a frequent reason for consultation in dermatology, especially in children and adolescents. In many cases it is a very common disorder called keratosis pilaris, which is characterized by the appearance of well-defined papules and different coloration that are grouped in plaques. So that you know what it is,from mi-amor we leave you a brief summary of the most important aspects to consider. Take note! Symptoms and characteristics As we commented at the beginning of this article, keratosis pilaris can appear in childhood, although it is more frequent in adolescence, specifically in the age range of adolescent-young adult. It appears as small whitish granites in the follicular orifices, usually located in the skin of the arms and thighs. Sometimes they can present a reddish coloration and can also appear on the buttocks, forearms and cheeks. Despite being benign, pillar keratosis can present some symptoms that go beyond the aesthetic issue: cutaneous roughness, dry skin and, depending on the importance and extent, much itching. Causes The possible causes of pillar keratosis are unknown, although there are some conditioning factors: darker skins and atopic dermatitis, which favor their appearance. In addition, there are also hereditary disorders such as ichthyosis vulgaris or alterations of chromosome 18p, as well as common disorders such as obesity or diabetes, which are also associated with its appearance. Along with this, finally, the use of some drugs, which may contribute to the development of pillar keratosis. Treatment For the treatment of keratosis pilar, topical agents and emollients are used, since several of them are usually combined to achieve the best results. The appropriate treatment for each case should be determined by a dermatologist, because each patient requires a specific treatment. If you want to know more details about the keratosis pilar, its causes or its treatments, consult with our professionals in dermatology and venereology. You can find us at the Mi-amor clinic ,