Non Surgical Eyelid Lift

Without surgery 



The bags and dark circles age our eyes and give us a look of fatigue, becoming one of the greatest aesthetic concerns. In mi amor, it is possible to very effectively minimize bags and dark circles without having to go through the operating room thanks to our treatment of dark circles. This medical-aesthetic treatment is the most effective technique to eliminate the appearance of fatigue without surgery.


2-Plasma Eye Lift

plasma eye lift is the non-surgical procedure that helps to get rid of saggy eyelids. You will get refreshed, more confident, and youthful look through this procedure. The plasma is applied to the targeted eyelid by using a particular device. The basic purpose of this application is to sublimate the excess skin. Furthermore, this procedure is not surgical options and no anesthesia is required making it incredibly safe. Mi amor has a team of board-certified surgeons and practitioners who offer this treatment.




This procedure involves lifting the skin above the eyelids to prevent hooding of the eyelid. As age catches up our upper lids will droop and create a sad and tired look.

 Our procedure will create a uplifted and refreshed eyes that is the younger you.




Either by thread or filler ,to create or enhance Double Eyelid.

with single eyelid or wishes to enhance the eyes to be bigger and more attractive with a double eyelid creation.