Facial Treatments Without Surgery


If you are looking for a beauty treatment that will help you look younger and shining, at the Mi amor clinic you will find the most innovative facial treatments without surgery of the moment. With the facial treatments that appear below you will not only be able to rejuvenate your face, but you will be able to beautify it finishing with the annoying wrinkles, returning shine and recovering volume.

Let yourself be advised by the medical-aesthetic professionals of Mi amor and show off your best face. Among our facial treatments without surgery you will find the best beauty treatments to reduce wrinkles, improve the quality of the skin, end flaccidity or increase the size of the lips. We remember that all our treatments have Mi amor quality.




With Contour Lift aesthetic medical treatment we harmoniously embellish the different areas of the face to achieve a global facial rejuvenation without surgery. This treatment treats the volume losses and the flaccidity that the patient has been experiencing with age. 



2- facial PEELING 

Peeling is the perfect treatment to eliminate the most superficial skin alterations of the face. With this innovative treatment you will achieve a rejuvenating effect as it treats the superficial layers of the skin so that fine wrinkles are eliminated and luminosity is recovered. 

With the Peeling we can correct the skin imperfections of the most superficial parts of the skin such as wrinkles, the non-uniform dull tone, irregular texture, superficial scars .

,spots and enlarged pores.





Aesthetic medical treatment that eliminates localized fat from the submethian zone, what we popularly call 'jowls'. , the fat cells are destroyed in a safe way so that our organism can metabolize them naturally. ,In addition to eliminating the double chin with the treatment, the patient achieves that the skin of the treated area is firmer and smoother.




With the Lifting you can erase the signs of aging i. The loss of elasticity in the skin of the face, the lack of hydration and volume and the dull skin are some of the symptoms that this treatment can improve. With this complete treatment and the hand of Mi amor , The results will be visible from the first session given the effectiveness . You will achieve a spectacular and lasting improvement.

Lifting: Facial rejuvenation program

up the doctor will decide how to structure the treatment program.

• Botox, is applied through infiltrations with an extra-fine needle in the muscle of the area to be treated, which causes muscle relaxation, this temporarily eliminates wrinkles of expression. Botox is mainly used to neutralize wrinkles of expression of the upper third of the face: frown, forehead or crow's feet.

• filler that is used in facial treatments to eliminate wrinkles and folds. Infiltrating this compound, it is possible to rejuvenate the face from the first session. Calcic hydroxyapatite is very popular in the world of aesthetic medicine since its effect is very long lasting by stimulating the production of collagen in the skin, guaranteeing long-term quality improvements.

• Hyaluronic acid is used to fill folds or create volumes in order to fight wrinkles and recover lost volumes over time. The effectiveness of hyaluronic acid is that it has a great capacity to attract and retain water, which allows to rehydrate the skin and make it look smoother, increasing its thickness and eliminating furrows.

• Peelin: simple dermatological treatment that consists in renewing the most superficial layers of the skin, leaving it more luminous, uniform and smooth. There are different types of peeling that are used depending on different parameters such as the type of skin, the pathology and the recovery time allowed by the patient.

• Mesotherapy : we obtain, quickly and safely, a deep hydration getting a smoother and luminous skin. In addition, after several treatments, increases the activity of the fibroblasts, reaffirming the skin, which provides a healthy, fresh and youthful appearance.




The Threads treatment is aimed at treating the signs of the passage of time on the face; flaccidity and wrinkles. , the patient regains face volume and reduces wrinkles, achieving a redefinition of the face in a single session. Their results last up to 18 months. 




Facial Lighting is a personalized facial care program that is aimed at people who want to improve the appearance of facial skin. A selection of medical-aesthetic treatments that are focused for patients who are between 25 and 65 years old. The treatments included in the program are of average intensity indicated for a mature, thick skin, with fine wrinkles or scars of acne





The rejuvenation of the neck is a treatment especially indicated to combat sagging and slight wrinkles of the neck caused by age, which make the skin become thinner.

With the threads what is achieved is an elevation of the skin and stimulate the formation of collagen itself improving the tone and elasticity of the skin





In Mi amor you can improve the appearance of scars with our treatment of correction of facial or body scars . such as acne, filling and raising the scar to restore uniformity to the skin. Long-term improvements are achieved permanently since stimulates the creation of collagen in the patient. 




Lift-Skin is an  exclusive  facial rejuvenation treatment in mi amor that was born following a unique and individualized work protocol, achieving optimal results. This  facial treatment  is especially indicated for those patients who have never undergone any anti-aging medical-aesthetic treatment but want to look younger. 

Depending on the part of the face you want to rejuvenate, in mi amor we have different options. The different options within the Lift-Skin are:


• Lift-Skin Eyes . 

• Lift-Skin Lips . I

• Lift-Skin Face .

• Lift-Skin Neck . 

• Lift-Skin Breast . 




With the treatment of cheek augmentation in Mi amor we managed to increase the cheekbones, carving the facial oval and refining the shape of the face and adapting our facial oval to the current beauty canons. By highlighting the cheekbones, we achieve that our facial oval is refined and thus beautify and rejuvenate the face. 




If you are looking for a long lasting lip augmentation with strong results, Extra Lip Augmentation is the treatment you are looking for. This long-lasting and very flattering results, even in those patients with very thin lips.



The shape of the chin has a great impact on the harmony of the face, and with the new advances in aesthetic medicine it is no longer necessary to go through an operating room to reshape the chin. In mi amor we have a filling treatment , which achieves more subtle and natural results, improving the shape of the oval, as well as favoring the natural production of collagen.



13-Facial radiofrequency

Facial Radiofrequency with Venus Freeze is a treatment that is carried out by means of a massage with a transmitting handpiece that is placed directly on the skin, to create a synergic clinical effect that provides effective short and long term results, achieving a revitalized, toned skin and healthy, with better elasticity and texture.


14-Antiaging treatment

The anti-aging treatment or facial aging is an integral procedure of Facial Aesthetic Medicine without surgery, which focuses on reducing and / or reversing the aging process to restore the face of lost youth.

With antiaging or anti-aging treatment, through a comprehensive medical study based on an evaluation of environmental and biological factors, and using techniques, appliances and latest-generation minimally invasive substances, we achieve: Reduce spots and wrinkles, improve skin quality and eliminate facial hair, without major complications.


15-Acne Treatment

The treatment of acne is an aesthetic medical procedure, which is done to help control acne, in addition to reducing the scars and discoloration of the skin that can cause this chronic inflammatory skin disease. This treatment of acne is practiced by an exfoliation (chemical peel) on the skin, so that dead cells are expelled more quickly than normal.

Acne is basically caused when the follicles are blocked by excess fat and dead skin. An anti-acne chemical exfoliation not only removes excess oil, but also dead skin, which helps control acne



The Biostimulation is based on the use of an autologous biological material called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that is obtained by centrifuging the patient's own blood

This concentrated plasma of growth factors full of healing and regenerative properties, once injected into the area to be treated, stimulates platelets, fibroblast growth factors, collagen and elastin to regenerate facial tissues and reverse the effects of aging , in addition to repairing and remodeling the scars

It is a minimally invasive procedure, has no risk of allergic reaction and can be used to treat almost any area of the body without risks of side effects, which makes it ideal for patients who are not good candidates for facial fillers.


17-Facial Mesoplasty

Facial Mesoplasty is a set of aesthetic medical techniques, which is done through the infiltration of different substances with very fine needles in the face, in order to remodel it and rejuvenate the skin of it.

Facial Mesoplasty is the most effective method at present, to restore the youthful fullness of the face, get more harmonious and sensual lips, and improve or soften facial contours and wrinkles.

The result of the mesoplasty is gradual and immediate, achieving an integral facial rejuvenation without going through the operating room.



18-Facial Mesotherapy

Facial Mesotherapy is a safe and natural alternative to invasive facial aesthetic procedures, such as peelings and blepharoplasty.

It is a treatment that is done by injecting into the skin of the area to rejuvenate, homeopathic medicines, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and cross-linked hyaluronic acid, to nourish and renew it, and promote the production of collagen and elastin, and stimulate the metabolism, and get a skin free of toxins, bright, radiant and firm.

19-Dermaroller / Dermapen

The Dermaroller is a medical device that is formed by a roller of titanium microneedles or surgical steel, which is used for the rejuvenation of the skin, for the treatment of wrinkles, stretch marks, acne marks, scars, cellulite, loss of hair or spots.

It is a minimally invasive treatment, which is performed by sliding the Dermaroller over the surface of the skin so that the micro needles penetrate the dermis and temporarily open the pores, to cause the release of growth factors, activate the production of collagen and elastin. , and for the regeneration of cells.

It is also a procedure that has been proven through medical studies, which is more effective than chemical peels and dermabrasion, and as effective as the Fractionated CO2 laser or the Fraxel Herbium laser, for skin rejuvenation and for repairing the scars.




Facial depigmentation is a medical-aesthetic procedure, which is done to eliminate hyperpigmentation (also known as chloasma, liver spots, pregnancy spots or melasma).

This dark discoloration usually appears in women 20 to 50 years old in various areas of the face as in; the cheekbones, the upper lips, the forehead and the cheeks, and sometimes it appears as patches that extend towards the neck.

Depigmentation is a painless treatment that is carried out, after an evaluation of the skin of the patient and the performance of a particular medical examination, with creams and mild chemical substances that are applied topically in the area to be treated.


21-Wrinkles and facial lines removal

The elimination of wrinkles and facial lines is an aesthetic medical procedure, which is done by micro-needles injecting botulinum toxin in the affected area, to soften and prevent these unsightly signs, and give a younger appearance to the treated skin.

And it is recommended for men and women over 18 years and under 65, who want to improve their facial appearance.


22-Facial Tensioner

The Facial Tensor is a facial aesthetic medical treatment, which is performed for facial remodeling and the elimination of sagging of the face, by means of very fine needles injecting a gel composed of hyaluronic acid into