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Body Aesthetics :

1-Body Aesthetics as Facial Aesthetics is a set of procedures, treatments and interventions framed in the general field of aesthetic medicine, and are made to eliminate localized fat, eliminate varicose veins and reduce cellulite, and give the human body an appearance more slender and healthy, recovering the firmness of the skin, eliminating toxins, fats and liquids, and improving blood circulation.

These procedures, treatments and interventions are usually minimally invasive and are usually performed without anesthesia or with topical or local anesthesia and outpatient treatment.


2-Intimate Cleanser Treatment

The Clarifying Treatment of Intimate Zones is an aesthetic procedure that consists of clarifying said intimate external areas of both men and women in order to achieve a tone according to the color of the patient's skin.

There are many techniques to reduce discoloration around the anus and / or vagina and genitals, but the chemical peel Mix allows to achieve effective and totally satisfactory results, being specially designed to improve the texture of the skin. intimate and clarify the imperfection of skin color, providing at the same time a turgid, firming and tensor effect.



The Intralipoterapia or liposuction without surgery is a treatment of aesthetic medicine, which is done to dissolve localized fat cells and eliminate them through the lymphatic system, as well as to reduce cellulite, by infiltrating biocompatible products in the adipose tissue of the / s zone / s to treat.

Intralipoterapia is not a slimming treatment that combats overweight or obesity, but rather is done to help get rid of fat in localized areas and shape the body (liposculpture without surgery).

It is a treatment that gives better results in thin people who have accumulated fat in various parts of the body and can not eliminate it with diet or exercise, than in obese people with generalized fat.


4-Body Mesotherapy

Body Mesotherapy is an aesthetic medical procedure that is performed to sculpt the body naturally and not invasively as surgery.

The action of the Body Mesotherapy acts by dissolving localized fat, reducing cellulite and eliminating liquids and toxins.

It is performed with intradermal injections in the affected areas with a combination of homeopathic products (vitamins, amino acids, minerals and medicinal substances).



5-Body Peeling

The body peeling or exfoliation of the skin of the body is a topical medical aesthetic treatment, which is done to rejuvenate the skin of the body by applying a mixture of chemical products to the epidermis. These products penetrate the skin and achieve the elimination of the layers of dead cells and increased production of collagen (protein responsible for providing elasticity and firmness to skin tissues).

The corporal Peeling as it has been said, consists of applying chemical products (acids) in the skin. When these acids are applied, the dead skin cells are removed and new healthy cells appear. The result of a chemical exfoliation of the body is a softer and younger skin.

Since these chemical products are very strong, a chemical peel of any kind must be performed by a specialized doctor and must be applied to the skin depending on the patient's needs, to achieve effective results and not produce unwanted effects.



6-Body Radiofrequency with Venus Freeze

Body Radiofrequency with Venus Freeze, is the latest clinically proven non-invasive technology for body aesthetic treatments, which by means of the multipolar incorporation of radiofrequency and pulsed magnetic fields in a single device, achieves a substantial decrease in body circumference, reducing cellulite, the stretching of the treated skin and the reduction of wrinkles (anti-aging effect) .

This patented technology that combines multipolar radiofrequency together with electromagnetic pulses, act synergistically to achieve effective results from the first session, they are also comfortable and painless and do not cause damage to the treated skin.


7-Rejuvenation of Hands

The rejuvenation of hands is an aesthetic medical treatment that is done to:

• Add volume to thin hands.

• Significantly reduce skin blemishes.

• Improve irregularities.

• Increase the texture and help hydrate the skin.

• Stimulate the production of collagen.

• Exfoliate the skin and prevent the loss of water.

And leave the hands younger, softer and more beautiful.



8-Axillary Hyperhidrosis Treatment

The Treatment Axilar Hyperhidrosis is an aesthetic medical procedure, which is performed to treat severe and persistent primary axillary hyperhidrosis (symptoms of excessive underarm sweating), through injections of Botulinum Toxin ( Botox ) in said area, resulting in blockage temporarily from the chemical signals of the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands.

Severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis is probably a disease that usually causes considerable emotional and psychological distress, and may also have a negative impact on the quality of life in the person who looks like it. This disease also affects both men and women equally and approximately 1% of the world population seems it.


9-Postpartum Treatment

Postpartum treatment is a program designed, which consists of several aesthetic medicine procedures without surgery and without downtime, to reverse the bodily changes that the pregnancy has caused, such as cracks and fissures in the skin, varicose veins, loss of firmness of the abdominal wall and the appearance of fatty deposits. This series of changes makes the vast majority of women feel bad about themselves, when they see that their figure is no longer the same as before the pregnancy, and their main concern is to recover it.


10-Cellulite Treatments

The combined cellulitis treatments are aesthetic medical procedures that are performed for the reduction of cellulite (unsightly medical condition that affects 80% of the female population and is characterized by the appearance of dimples on the skin (orange peel) on the thighs , hips, buttocks and abdomen.


11-Localized Fat Treatments

Localized fat treatments are a series of combined non-invasive aesthetic medical procedures with hardly any side effects, which are performed for the removal of localized fat that has accumulated in various parts of the body and can not be eliminated with diets or with physical exercise.

The localized fat causes a real problem for many men and women, thanks to the effectiveness of our combined treatments it is possible to solve the problem by completely eliminating the localized fat.


12-Varicose treatments

The Varicose Vein Treatment is a medical aesthetic procedure, which is done by injecting a sclerosing product into the dilated venous ducts to seal, dry and eliminate varicose veins in a few sessions.

Treatments with sclerotherapy with foam, in addition to eliminating varicose veins (diseased non-functional veins), make the blood circulation improve, as the organism creates new veins to return the blood.