Vaginal wellness

The treatment with CO2 laser and radiofrequency allows treating the following areas of the female genitalia:

* The labia majora and minora in the vulva.

* The vaginal mucosa and its walls in the vagina.

* The urethra.


The CO2 laser and radiofrequency are applied in different gynecological conditions such as:

* Urinary incontinence (after multiple or dystocic childbirths, due to intense exercise with relaxation of the pelvic floor)

* Vaginal hyperlaxity syndrome (after childbirth or due to changes associated with age)

* Dryness and menopausal vaginal atrophy

* Vaginal rejuvenation (vaginal relaxation, lack of vaginal lubrication and larger than normal lips)

* Melanosis vulvar

The treatment of these pathologies with either laser or radiofrequency genital is an advance and an improvement over traditional techniques (exercises and surgery).